When Your Email Says More About You

…and Your Business Than You Ever Thought Possible

Are you wasting a lot of your marketing effort?

Sometimes you can send the wrong message to your prospects.  Did you send them one of these?

The picture above is a screen shot taken from an email I received today.  Recognise it?

It’s the image that appears at the bottom of every email sent from a “free” Mailchimp account.

…and it is screaming, “this message was sent to you by a cheapskate!!”

The Logo That Says More About You Than Your Sales Copy Can Cover For

You see, it is ONLY the free version of Mailchimp that includes this in your email campaign.  It goes to every, single recipient.

For those of us who know a little about these things, it says “skinflint”.

For those of us who know nothing about these things it simply says “Mailchimp” where a call to action – for your product – should be.

For those of us who know more than a little about these things, it tells us the sender isn’t taking full advantage of autoresponder systems for their marketing.  If they had only paid a few Dollars or Pounds for their autoresponder system they could be using it to achieve so much more.

You see, Mailchimp is a wonderfully clever system.  Along with others, such as Aweber, they do a tremendous job.  But if you’re using the “free” version, you’re not even getting half the story in terms of what you could be achieving with your customer conversations.

But your customer is getting a whole story about you in every email you send containing this logo.  And it’s not a positive one.