Your Website – Just Because You Can…

Doesn’t Mean To Say That You Should.

I was asked to take a look at a clients website a few weeks ago.

“Something’s not right”, he said.

“We’re just not selling much from the website.”

So I found myself sitting in front of my monitor, loading up the website.  The home page hove into view…


It arrived with all the subtlety of a US Navy carrier group entering the Serpentine.

There were images flying all over the place, Ken Burns effects, things making them wobble and pulse in and out.

Then the headlines appeared, some attacking from high level like dive bombers, others approaching at low level like torpedo bombers.  Diving in from left to right, bouncing in from the top of the screen, doing a loop the loop then high tailing it off the edge of the page again.

The whole thing was an assault on the senses that made me feel queasy.

How do you get this bloody thing to stop!

Award Worthy Design

This particular website was full of the sort of stuff design agencies and hotel owners love.  It ponces around, preening and displaying like a peacock.  It may well win a design award but from a sales point of view, it is next to useless.  I suspect a very expensive waste of time.

You see, all these wonderful graphic techniques are all very well but if people can’t read your website, they won’t buy anything from it.  Why should they?

Even the most carefully crafted headline can’t attract attention if it’s whizzing past at 90 miles per hour.

Sales Disaster

Design agencies peddle this nonsense to victims who know no better.

Hotel owners like it because they get bored looking at the same website every day and they want it to entertain them.

The problem is, your customers ARE NOT looking at your website every day.

No they are not.

When they do visit your website they are looking for information and answers.

They are not looking to be entertained.

They want to know what it is that you’re offering and why they should buy it from you.

No amount of whizzing graphics or loop-the-loop text will tell them that.

Your website is a sales document.

There are many things you can have on a website to encourage sales.  But when it comes to adding clever graphic, images and text you need to make sure you’re doing it in such a way that your visitors first reaction isn’t to throw up.

Just because you can doesn’t mean to say that you should.



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