The Wrong Customers

Every few days yet another consultancy or services firm seeks to publish news statements online.

Today it’s J D Powers’ turn, with a statement of, as Basil Fawlty would say, “the bleeding obvious”.

You can read the article here.

Why should customers who have booked through an OTA be less satisfied?

Well in many cases it’s simple.

They’re the Wrong Customers.

They’re not your customers.  They’re really meant for somebody else.

But because you put a special offer on an OTA website – And because when you get a customer from a website what you’re doing is renting somebody elses secondhand customer – you can end up with the wrong customer.

  • They were supposed to book somewhere else.
  • They’re not your target market.
  • Your proposition was never designed for them.
  • They’re not your ideal customer.

So when little things go wrong, the fact that they are square pegs in round holes means they are unhappy.

And that’s before we consider the possibility that the poor OTA customer is “penalised” by hotel management for having the temerity to book through an OTA.

You know the sort of thing – they get the room that’s wrapped around a lift shaft, or directly above a nightclub.

There’s an article in the mill at the moment all about how to get more direct bookings.

I’ll let you know when I publish it.


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