Prize Draws And Promotions

At HotelSphere we support the idea of building lists of prospective customers using contests, prize draws and promotions.

It works.

If you do it properly.

However this article from the Advertising Standards Authority suggests some people don’t.  Indeed our own experience of tearing our hair out when clients decide to move the goalposts after a promotion has started bears this out.

You can read about the ASA advice here.  It all makes sense.

It might be hard for you to believe that some business owners would do the things noted in the article.  But they do.  If they get their research and preparation wrong, it causes them to behave in all sorts of peculiar ways.

One hotel owner I used to work with referred to competition winners as “parasites”.  Which might explain why nobody on the resulting promotion list actually bought his “consolation offer”.  I did get the feeling that if he had planned things a bit more carefully he might have been a lot more successful.  As it was he was reacting to the fact that his hotel was empty on a Friday night.  He started his planning on the Wednesday after lunch.

It doesn’t need to be this way.  Join us at HotelSphere for some support in putting together your promotions in advance.  You can even join for free.