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Strong Copy Gets More Hotel Bookings

That’s a fact.  A good hotel copywriter can get you more bookings in your hotel.

Take a look at a few hotel websites.  Start with your own.

Then move along to some other hotels near you.

Who are they talking to?  Who are they talking about?

I’m prepared to bet with you that they all talk about themselves.

“We” do this, “we” do that and “our” blah, blah, blah.

It’s boring.  Isn’t it?

And if you’re bored your customers are bored too.

Talk To The Right Person

Your website is a sales tool.

It’s not a book for coffee tables.  It is there to do a job for you.  It is there to make new customers for your hotel.

You can only make new customers for your hotel if your copy talks to those customers about what they’re going to get.

It’s as simple as that.

Of course, there are lots of tools and techniques a good hotel copywriter will use to find out more about both your customer and your hotel product.  But I’m not going to share them with you today.

It’s enough just to say the words on your website are probably talking to the wrong person about the wrong person.

That is why you’re not getting enough bookings.

Are You Using Strong Sales Copy?

Be honest with yourself.  Could you benefit from converting more enquiries into sales?

Is your sales copy strong enough?  Are you saying things to customers that really will make them want to buy?

Two Questions You Really Need To Answer

Any decent hotel copywriter will tell you what these two questions are.  If you’re not giving the answers in a clear way you are leaving money on the table with every single enquiry your website handles.

You can’t answer these questions with pictures.  You need to get people’s attention first.  Pictures can help with that but words are sharper and more readily understood.

So instead of filling your hotel website with stock photography or pictures taken by the night porter on his smartphone, start thinking about how you can improve the words in your website.

It Is Not Easy

Writing good hotel website sales copy is not easy.  That’s why industry sales conversion figures are so poor.  Looking around at the standard of sales copywriting on hotel websites today there is plenty of scope for good hotel copywriters to make a good living.

If it was easy, every hotel would have a website that readily converted enquiries into bookings – and they just don’t.



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