Headline And Relevance – Why AirBnB Marketing Works

You can say what you like about AirBnB.  Their current marketing work commands respect.

It’s a delight to behold.  Let me tell you why.

A lot of emails landed in my inbox this morning.  Amongst them was the usual tripe from OTA websites and the hotel promotion companies to which I subscribe.  All containing the usual nonsense:

“50% off”

“30% less”

“For only £99.99 per person per night”

One email in the list stood out amongst all the others as I worked my way down the list (deleting as I went).  It made me stop.

“Coastal bike rides, now on Airbnb”

Now, if I got on a bike I’d probably expire, but I am interested in anything coastal.  So I clicked.

That’s what a headline in an email is there to do.

My click meant I was treated to nice pictures of people enjoying a bike ride, near the sea, in warm sunshine.  They look relaxed, like they’re enjoying themselves.

I want to feel like that!  So I kept reading.

Eventually I clicked a link to the Airbnb website.

And there I found more images and headlines about things to do and places to go.  The experiences I could have…

The prices?  Of course they’re there, but they are in very small text compared to the really interesting stuff.  I read the whole page.  It’s now bookmarked.

Whoever is in charge of this aspect of Airbnb clearly understands the importance of attracting, maintaining and respecting attention.

…and I think it’s a brilliant example of why they are knocking the bejesus out of hotel operators.

This is simple stuff and they are doing it very well indeed.