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Hotels Competing For Direct Bookings

Do and Expedia Make It Difficult For Hotels To Compete?

Two articles in my email inbox this morning got me thinking.

The more I thought, the more I could feel my teeth grinding.  So much so that I felt the need to write this blog post.

The first article appeared on  – “Hotels Still Afraid To Take On Expedia and Despite Rule Changes”

It speaks of the market power of the two main protagonists for online hotel bookings. and Expedia.

How To Tackle Brexit

I got the idea for this blog post whilst sitting watching Question Time on the telly and swearing at panellists failing to answer the questions put to them.

what will Brexit look like?

What will Brexit look like?

Brexit is a popular hobby horse just now, for good reason I admit.  But vexing over whether or not Brexit is a good idea is no longer worthwhile.  The decision has been made.  It’s going to happen.  None of us have any idea what it’s going to be like.  Least of all, I suspect, the politicians involved.  Most of whom appear to be completely out of their depth.

It’s Not Happened Yet